Take-Your-Adult-Son-To-Work Day

With just four days before I depart for S. Korea, I decided to pay a little visit to someone with plenty of teaching experience under her belt – my Mom. After waking up at what seemed like the butt-crack of dawn, I made my way to the Jewish Day School to observe Mom – ne, HaMorah Paula – lay down the law on some seriously rambunctious first graders. The kids seemed to like me (or least I think so based on lots of staring, indiscreet pointing, and overly-loud whispering), and the boys seemed to be especially fascinated by my height. I played guitar for them and took requests, but all they wanted me to play were songs by the Jonas Brothers. Unfortunately I didn’t know any of those songs, but I did play a few bars of Weezer’s “My Name Is Jonas” – so that’s pretty much the same thing right? All in all a good day, and really good to see how my mom gets things done. Hopefully I can be half as effective in Korea. Reading


One response to “Take-Your-Adult-Son-To-Work Day

  1. Effin’ rights! I totally get the same Jonas Brothers crap from the kids at the daycare. Now, why didn’t I THINK of schooling them with some Weezer?

    You then sir, are a better man than I. I’m not a man, by the way.

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