Last Day in the States

In just a couple of hours I’ll be leaving the friendly confines of Seattle – the place I’ve lived my entire life – to go teach in South Korea. Excited? Yes. Scared shitless? Also yes. So why do it? Why go to a country you’ve never been too before with a language you don’t speak? Well, the way I see it, sometimes life just needs to be given a good shake, like a snow globe, or that homeless person who always falls asleep in the U-dub bookstore. Sometimes when your lost the best thing to do is to get more lost. Today my sister, Jessie, gave me one of those black Moleskin journals so I could write down my thoughts from my trip. Inside the front cover she wrote down a Korean proverb that perfectly captured the essence of why I am leaving. It read: “A turtle only travels when it sticks its neck out.” And while I always pictured myself as a slightly sleeker, more nimble animal than a turtle (I was thinking falcon or panther) the sentiment is spot-on. Sometimes growth can only come with great change. In order to really know what’s out there, sometimes we have to get out of our shell and take a risk.


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