Foreigner Hunting

Not content to sit around my apartment all day, I ventured out into Seosan to see what the city was like, and maybe, just maybe, run into a fellow foreigner. About fifteen minutes into my journey I had done it, twice over. There names are Dustin and Daniel, they’re in their late twenties and have been teaching in Seosan for two years. They are roommates and teach English at a community center on the other side of the town. Honestly, I have never been so happy to meet two Americans in my life! These guys were great guides. They took me on a little tour showing me all the places to eat, drink, shop, and all the places to avoid. They really know the ins and outs of Seosan. I felt like a little puppy just kind of walking along side all big-eyed as they dropped a ton of information my way. Apparently foreigner hunting in Seosan is a common practice. People will often just huck out, post up at a bar, and wait until they see someone who looks like they’re from out of town. Read on to see pictures..



Sheri, you need to get a set of these boxing gloves/handwarmers for your scooterdsc00555.jpg
Average street in Seosan

Seosan Market


What the shit?


Downtown Seosan


4 responses to “Foreigner Hunting

  1. Wow – looks colorful and crowded.

  2. is the lady in the picture counting her wan?

  3. puppies are my favorite, especially big-eyed ones….just don’t eat any

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