Street Food #1


Walking home on Saturday I spotted this alluring little number and decided too give it a try. I was instantly captivated because, like all of the world’s best foods, this street treat comes fried-and-sticked for easy handling and convenient munching. However, inside its greasy golden shell lied a dark secret: the main contents consisted of nothing more than some sort of nasty cheese and imitation crab meat (ok so that wasn’t that dark of a secret but I’ve always wanted to use that phrase). Further dampening my dining experience was the oily outer crust, which was so slick it caused the ornamental mustard flourish to slide down onto the grippin’ stick. Considering this item (I never found out it’s actual name) is only 1,000 won ($1) it would certainly do in a pinch, but I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.

Tastiness Factor: 3


2 responses to “Street Food #1

  1. looks yummy! It reminds me of that comedian whose sthtick was everything “on a stick”. Do you know who I am talking about?

  2. We call things that look like this ‘hot bar’. I know it sounds really strange, but if you say ‘o deng hot pa’, they will probably get it.

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