Whenever I have a little time left over at the end of class and need to kill a few minutes, there’s always one game that does the trick: Hangman. For some reason, no matter how old the kids are, guessing letters at random seems to get people fired up. Though some games don’t translate or are difficult to explain from English to Korean, the concept of hanging someone is universal, which is why you could probably play this game in any country and the kids would be psyched. If you think about it, Hangman is hands down the least politically correct learning exercise ever created. “Hey kids, there’s a new game to help us learn letters and vocabulary. It’s called Hangman. Here’s how it works: You guess some letters, and if they’re not the one’s I’m thinking of, I’m gonna draw a picture of a dead man swinging from the gallows on the white board. Still wanna play? Great!”



4 responses to “Hangman

  1. In my class we play a similar game called RIVET (don’t know what it means except maybe the kids are riveted to the game). It’s basically hangman with out the “hangman”. Perhaps it will not hold the same allure as the former.

  2. I play a similar game. I draw a staircase and a bunch of sharks and jellyfish in an ocean. When they guess the wrong letters I put the incorrect letter on a stair. Once we get to the top they are forced over the edge into the sharks. The image of flesh being ripped apart by sea creatures is pretty exciting for them!

  3. Somehow the stick figure takes all the negative connotations out of hanging. Though with all the furor over prayer, the pledge of allegiance and so on, it’s a wonder this is still allowed in schools.

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