One of these things…

…is not true.

1. The Korean birthday song has the same tune as the American Birthday song.

2. Korean Peanut M&Ms don’t have any peanuts inside, just the candy shell and an unsettling hollowness inside (a little like Paris Hilton).

3. Pubs are called “Hofs” *side note: I need to start a German-themed drinking establishment here in Korea and call it the Hassle Hof…I apologize for that in advance.

4. Koreans believe that direct eye contact during conversation shows boldness. Out of politeness they concentrate on the conversation, usually avoiding eye-to-eye contact.

5. Out here all money is supposed to be passed among parties using two hands.

6. There are two sets of numbers that are used depending on what you’re talking about (mostly I just point and grunt and hold up fingers…that usually gets the job done).


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