Street Food #2


Meet my new best friend: Kimpap. These little slices of heaven can be found practically everywhere and they are a welcome relief to the festival of fatty fried fare that is feasted on so fervently on the street corners and tiny little restaurants in my neighborhood. Kimpap consists of rice, vegetables, and meat (ham, crab meat, fish, etc) on a bed of steamin’ hot white rice. This loveliness then gets rolled up in seaweed paper and then coated with some sort of light honey sauce, where it is then shoved unceremoniously into my gullet. All in all, it’s delicious, fast, and cheap – just $1 per roll. Even better, when you’re finished eating you don’t feel like huge fat ass, unless of course you’re like me and eat 5 rolls at time, but is neither here nor there.

Tastiness Factor: 9


One response to “Street Food #2

  1. Oh I miss this so much! BTW, the sauce-like thing they put on Kimpap is actually sesame seed oil! Isn’t it wonderful how such a taste is created out of normal ingredients?

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