Reading Material #2

The hits just keep on coming. Just when I was getting bored mocking last weeks Kids Times, BOOM! Another issue landed on my desk, and let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint. While there were many articles that probably aren’t interesting in any language (“Sharing a Printer is Easier Than You Think,” “Improving Digestion with Essential Oils,” and “The Origins of Syrup”), this post will try to highlight the real head scratchers.


Really? All week? This sounds like one of those situations where a curious but passive person starts a sentence with, “A friend I have was just wondering..” Why is this in an educational newspaper. My only guess is that this article was written by Mary Kay Latourneau.


1) What’s with the creepy bleached hair? Didn’t that go out of style like 10 years ago? 2) OK we get it: the guy is in jail. Is the ball and chain really necessary? Do jails even use balls and chains anymore? I thought they were replaced with taser guns. 3) If my students have difficulty telling me what they did over the weekend, how on Earth are they supposed to debate this topic?


Umm. What?


2 responses to “Reading Material #2

  1. Weekly Readers are on the way! Seriously, someone ought to inform whoever ordered these materials that they are awful and totally irrelevant to making any kind of meaningful conversation in English–unless the goal is the scare them to death about American culture.

  2. Out of Sight – Out of Mind:

    There are 2.5 million Americans in 5,200 prisons all across the county. That would be a whole lot of prison visits to get this segment of the voting population to vote for their favorite candidate.

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