Driving up to my apartment on the first day I arrived in Korea, I couldn’t help but notice a huge, seemingly unkempt field not 50 yards from my place. It looked like a wasteland; a forgotten landfill a mile long. Great, I thought to myself, I traveled all this way to end up somewhere that looks pretty much like Marysville. Now, two weeks later, that vast field has transformed into something quite different: row after neat row of rice and sweet potato seeds planted by hand by local farmers. There’s not a tractor in sight. You can see the farmers – old men and women – bent over for hours working the land, each tending to their own little tract. I walk through this field everyday now on my way to work. It saves me about 10 minutes off my commute time. Funny how things work out sometimes. What I once thought was a blight in the middle of a city I now like to consider my scenic route. Pics.


Start of the short cut. My school is just past those apartments in the background


A lot of work.


I think he was looking for a snack.


I got nothin’.dsc00884.jpg

End of the shortcut, into the street. This has to be a ticketable offense.


One response to “Shortcut

  1. These photos are very touch, humorous, insightful and poignant. You must have a lot of affection. I hope that the dog was able to get back home safe, if he/she had any. I’ve been really enjoying your blog and hope that you’ll continue to update your whereabouts and thoughts of Korea. Thanks for sharing your sensitivity as well as everlasting humor. I think your will make it just fine.

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