Hiking with Mr. Gwon

Looking Down on Seosan

This Saturday I went hiking in the high hills of Seosan. My guide was Mr. Gwon, the principle’s father, academy van driver, and all around bad-ass. He doesn’t speak any English, just Korean and Chinese, so needless to say there was a lot silence on our three-hour hike, but at least there was no expectation to make conversation. Despite the language barrier we had a good time getting by with nods and finger-pointing. Mr. Gwon is perhaps the most physically fit 60 year-old I have ever met. Steep inclines and rocky terrain didn’t phase him one bit. In fact, when we got to the top of the peak he started doing sit-ups on a bench and even did a few pull-ups on a bar nearby (Seosan has a lot of random workout equipment on the sides of roads, and apparently at the tops of mountains. The picture above is a view from the top on a hazy Saturday morning.


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