The Wonder Girls

The song is called “Tell Me” and it’s judging by the amount of times I hear it each day, I can only assume it’s the hottest thing to hit South Korea since kimchi. It’s everywhere, blasting out of bars and restaurants and passing cars at all hours of the day. Kids sing it. Adults sing it. Hell, even I can sing it now. I think the song is kinda these days, but the Korean music scene isn’t quite as cut-throat as the U.S., so songs like this have a pretty long shelf life. The name of the fabulous five-some is Wonder Girls, and they probably only chose that name because Spice Girls was already taken. Anyway, the song is catchy in even in Korean, and as an added bonus, there’s accompanying dance move full of arm flings and shoulder shimmies. Bust this one out at your next Karaoke party and it’s sure to be hit.


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