“Do Me A Weather”

You don\'t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

I get about 75 or 80 channels on my TV, but only three of them are in English. Two of them are devoted to easily translatable fare; the kinda stuff you could probably watch with the sound off. One is some sort of fashion network, which shows reruns of America’s Next Top Model, red carpet specials, and selections from the E! channel. The other is an action movie network, which shows non-stop movies of super buff dudes blowing shit up and kicking peoples asses with expertly choreographed karate chops. There’s also the occasional episode of Mythbusters thrown in there just so the nerds out there, myself included, don’t feel left out. The last channel, and the one I watch the most, is CNN World. It’s actually way better than regular CNN which has a tendency to throw in one two many odd-ball stories for me to consider it a viable news outlet. Honestly, how many stories about a cat who can flush the toilet or a statue made out of salted butter do we really need? Also, that whole Situation Room deal is ridiculous. Watching the global edition is refreshing because it reminds you that news doesn’t happen in an insulated bubble, it happens all over the world, to all kinds of people, all the time. Despite the many different programs on the network, my favorite section of each broadcast would have to be the weather reports – not because I really want to know the humidity in Prague or the prospect of rain in Jakarta, but because to me it always seems like the CNN meteorologists have a smug air of superiority about reporting the weather for the ENTIRE WORLD. I can just imagine them at a weatherman’s convention (if they even have those): “Oh, you give the 5-day forecast for the Seattle-Tacoma Metro Area? How cute. I have a Doppler Radar that covers 7 continents!” Not that I blame them. If I predicted flooding in Mozambique one day and a high pressure system moving in over Sweden the next, I might get a little cocky too.

[Note* There’s a 90% chance of swearing in this video]


One response to ““Do Me A Weather”

  1. Ha! I swear you were describing MY channels here in Sweden. Although, I think I might actually have a total of four English speaking stations – with the addition of BBC Food.

    I must admit (embarrassingly) after 9 months of being here there is a sliver of me that misses all that crappy American television.

    Have fun, Dish

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