Can’t We All Just Get Along?

what are you lookin at?

It seems that North Korea and South Korea are once again entangled in a war of words. According to various news outlets this latest spat regards the trivial matter of who’s pointing high powered heat-seeking GPS-guided missiles at who. And while diplomats and government officials across the region scramble to smooth things over, I think I know the perfect moderator to help keep the peace. She’s 10 inches tall, weighs maybe 10 pounds soaking wet, and doesn’t speak any Korean – or any language for that matter. Her name is Birdie, and she’s my sister’s dog. Maybe I’m missing Seattle just a touch, or maybe this was just a good excuse to put up cute dog pictures, but either way, just look at that face. Go on. Look at it – square in the googly eyes. Those piqued ears; that tongue that’s way too big for it’s mouth. Did I mention she never barks, just snorts? I’m sorry but what were we fighting about again? Here are a few more pics…

“Leave the guns and the knives alone/Birdie dog on the microphone”

babooshka birdie

The healer sleeps.


3 responses to “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. Her cuteness really is distracting from all the woes in the world….I have never been more proud! She misses her uncle eli fa show. Oh and did I mention we are zero-ing in on fixing her farting problem for good! I’ll give her a good cuddle on your behalf…

  2. Very cute indeed! I’m hoping to get a French bulldog in the fall….You must visit for another dog delight.

  3. You need a pic of our baby niece in her woodsman hat, that will end the fighting for sure. No one can resist Birdie in the woodsman hat!!

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