Election Day

Today was election day out here, which means everyone got the day off to go to the polls. From what I can tell, Korea’s electoral process is way cooler than the United States. Instead of constant bitching and mudslinging, candidates kick it old school with festive colors, songs, and dancing – lots and lots of dancing. I’m not kidding about this. Large groups of middle-aged housewives will set up shop on street corners, in plazas, or pretty much damned near everywhere to bust a move in the name of their chosen politician. You can tell what candidate the people are pulling for by looking at their assigned color and number. For instance, Obama’s color might be a noble navy blue and his number would be 1, while Hillary might be a prune-colored reddish brown and her number would be 666. And McCain, well, don’t get me started on McCain. There are also roving vans with huge speakers and video screens attached to the roofs blasting hour after hour of incomprehensible blather. Come to think of it, that whole blather part is little bit like back home. Here’s a video (not mine) of a candidate poppin’ and lockin’ it in the city of Daegu (the dancing starts at the 1 minute mark).


2 responses to “Election Day

  1. I like the idea of a day off to go to the polls! Maybe that would get our percentages up.

  2. OMG- Hillary..666…that’s too much 🙂

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