Simon Says Sobriety Test

Simon Says: Learn English

In addition to playing lots of Hang Man, another easy game I like to use as a warm-up is Simon Says. It’s simple to learn and it gives the kids get a chance to get out of their seats and be active, which in return helps take their minds off the boredom that looms ahead. Anyway, after playing this game for a little while now, I’ve noticed that many of the easiest commands seem to be pulled straight from DUI field sobriety tests (not that I’ve had one). For instance: Simon says stand on one leg. Simon says stick out your arms. Simon says touch your nose. Simon says: walk in a straight line. Simon says: blow into this Breathalyzer or you’re going to jail. Actually I don’t use that last one, but I should. Maybe Simon was some sort of out-work-cop who had control issues, or maybe it just goes to show that if someone is truly driving drunk, they deserve to be treated like an incoherent 8 year-old.

Great sketch from Reno 911.


One response to “Simon Says Sobriety Test

  1. I heart Reno 911.

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