Easy Access

At your service.

Back in Seattle, if you wanted to go to the grocery store you had only one choice: Get in your car and drive. Want go work out? Get in your car and drive. Need to see the doctor? Get in your car and drive. Need to go to work? Get in your car and drive. Thankfully that’s all changed, because now I think I may live in the most convenient neighborhood ever. Within a 70 meter radius of my studio there is the following: a movie theater, two gyms, a 24-hour convince store, and at least 15 bars and restaurants. I recently learned that a full-on grocery store with meat and produce will also be opening up nearby. Sweetness. Here in Seosan it’s not uncommon to find two or three convenience stores right next to each other. The Grand Daddy of them all, however, would have to be Family Mart. They’re open 24-hours a day and they’re everywhere, kinda like Starbucks. I probably visit mine at least once day to get essentials like strawberry-flavored milk, Twix, novelty pens, and octopus jerky. To top everything off taxi cabs are pretty much everywhere, trolling the streets like swarms of bees (that analogy would have been way better except that most of the cabs are white). You can get anywhere in Seosan for under three dollars. In honor of this society of superb service, here’s a video from my favorite Swedish Norwegian indie band, The Kings of Convenience.

“Misread” by Kings of Convenience


5 responses to “Easy Access

  1. If I remember correctly, this one time recently you were quite the typo nazi to me….but MY how the tables have turned! This blog entry you have here is just riddled with typoes. And I, for one, am embarrassed on your behalf šŸ™‚

  2. You better make sure that you keep going to the gym–strawberry milk, Twix bars! Oy vey!

  3. Wow! Those chicks are sure tough on you….I didn’t think it was that bad. šŸ˜‰ But I will add this: I’m pretty sure the Kings are Norwegian. Can’t cut a break – can you?

    They were just there – did you happen to catch their gig?

  4. Dang, blogging takes way more focus than I thought. I will try to minimize the typos in the future. Also, the Kings are indeed Norwegian (though another favorite band, The Cardigans, are most assuredly Swedish). There’s just too much good music (and affordable furniture) coming out of Scandinavia these days.

  5. I’m over in Dangjin. Could you tell me the name and general location of the multi-plex theater in Seosan?

    By-the-bye, the Family Marts and GS Marts are great for a sandwich and bag of chips for a quick lunch.

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