Tube Steak Madness


While I’m on the topic of things-that-just-aren’t-the-same, here’s a picture of the front of an “authentic” hot dog shop near my apartment. They sell coffee and gelato there too, but I’ve never seen any one actually in the store besides the front counter lady and her kids who are always watching cartoons in a nearby booth. From the looks of it, this place isn’t shy when it comes to topping your tube steak. For some reason I really want to try the “Red Dog” (third from left) – that looks like the kind of meal that just dares you to eat it; a meal that sticks to your ribs and won’t let go, no matter how much Pepto you pound. Apparently this shop is the only place in Seosan that serves all beef hot dogs, but since there’s not much nutritional integrity in a hot dog to begin with, that’s not really a strong selling point for me. I’ll probably try one eventually, maybe on the Fourth of July.

Speaking of crazy hot dogs, have a look-see at these bad boys from Sweden.


6 responses to “Tube Steak Madness

  1. beyond bluestockings

    Hmmm, if you have loved ones, up your insurance before you try that red dog. 😉

  2. eeewww Eli, that red dog looks like its covered in cranberry sauce.

  3. I see the New York dog–What about the famous Chicago Dog? I demand equal time! I must admit–while not all that appetizing, I think I would rather eat the Korean version than the Swedish one! BTW how do they get the mustard to stay on like that?!

  4. wait a second…wait just ONE second. Did mom just say “BTW”??

  5. I’m getting hip to the lingo (BTW–that’s cool talk from the 60’s). But seriously, it is from all of that texting that I do on my cell phone!

  6. Oh, luv mom’s and technology! Good stuff.

    Yes, Korean version looks MUCH tastier than the Swedish. For sure. I’m still waiting for you to try the hot-dog rolled and coated in french fries. Now that might be something….

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