Obama-Clinton Fatigue

Seeing how CNN is one of the only channels that I get in English, I’ve gotten a pretty consistent helping of election coverage these past few days. The content doesn’t focus much on the issues but instead piles on extra portions of gossip and he-said she-said bickering. Did you know Obama once rented a movie from Blockbuster and returned it without rewinding? Did you know Hilary once killed a bear with her own hands? Ok, that stuff didn’t happen (though I wouldn’t put that bear thing past Clinton, she’s a beast) but that’s the kind of inane banter that CNN specializes in. It’s the kind of stuff that has made watching this epic race to the White House more of a chore than the exciting coronation for one of these two candidates (read: Obama). The whole scenario is down-right exhausting. At this point it’s even difficult to tell who’s winning and who’s losing. Or maybe they’re both winning? Or are they both losing? Or is one winning at the expense of the loser who in actuality already won a long time ago but is now losing so the the real loser can feel like a winner before actually losing for good? Either way, I’ve lost it. The endless stream of campaign coverage is beginning to blur into one imperceptible story line, and judging a mistake I found on the Seattle Times’ website, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check it:

Somewhere an editor needs a nap.

Your thoughts?


2 responses to “Obama-Clinton Fatigue

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  2. Hey Eli,
    I met you once in you Mom’s classroom. I have been reading your posts since you left and I find them very entertaining. I didn’t know until today that you were already quite the published writer! (too cool) Well, thanks for keeping me amused and just to let you know the news on the election is about the same over here.


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