Writing is Overated

photo credit Grandchildren

Bumbershoot: Best 3 days of the Summer. photo credit Grandchildren

The following post exists partly because I need to some blog filler, and partly because I love tootin’ my own horn. Anyway, I was cruising around the website for the Bumbershoot Arts and Music Festival – my old employer – when I stumbled across a project I helped create for the site last year. It’s called the Band Bio Generator, and in my humble, unbiased opinion, it’s the most amazing time-wasting thingy-ma-bobber ever created. The idea behind the generator is simple: all band biographies are more or less the same, so instead of wasting 10 minutes crafting your bands’ backstory, why not waste 3 minutes and have a computer program do it for you. I designed this little gadget with the help of my friend Shaun Swick, a design wizard and all-around technical guru. So go ahead and try it out and feel free to post the results. Here’s a bio for my new fictional band: The Soju Brothers.

Emerging from the block parties of Seosan, South Korea, The Soju Brothers burst onto the hip-hop scene in 2008 with their debut album, Hardcore Hang Man. The band’s latest album, Go Fish, unites Eli Schwimmer’s singular lyrics with soulful grooves to generate a disc overflowing with feel-good summer jams. With standout tracks like “Lost in Translation,” the music of The Soju Brothers appeals to hip-hop fans and non-hip-hop fans alike.

So there you have it. A nice little blurb without all the hassle of paying for a PR firm. And let’s face it: writing things yourself is way overrated. In fact, you probably can’t tell, but this entire post was created using my brand new project, “The Blog-Post Generator.”


2 responses to “Writing is Overated

  1. Funny, I was looking at it yesterday as well, wondering what the best way would be to put together a version 2.0. Any ideas?

    My brainstorms:
    + a flash-based widget-y thing you can put on your website
    + added genres
    + added fields
    + a new biography template
    + or all of the above

  2. I gave it a whirl, here’s what I got:

    A history of hip-hop icons: Birdie Brings the Beats

    Emerging from the block parties of Boston MASS, Birdie Brings the Beats broke into the hip-hop scene in 2008 with their debut album, Let Me Outta my Crate. The band’s latest album, “Sit. Stay.”, merges Bird-Dog’s heavy lyrics with soulful grooves to generate yet another disc full of slammin’ joints. With standout tracks like “Birdie’s My Name, Stinkin’s my Game,” look for Birdie Brings the Beats to be a major leader in the hip-hop landscape for years to come.

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