Street Food no. 3

Worth It.

Quick. How do you tell you’re in the midst of a recession? Do you consult your stock broker? Do you listen to the forecasts of expert economists? Well, if you’re anything like me, you throw all that education and experience out the window and go check out the price of food being served by the local chicken lady. When I first arrived in March these spicy chicken skewers were a buck each. Two months later, she’s bumped the price up to $1.20, which is a real pain because now I have more change than I know what to do with. And she’s not alone. Chicken ladies all across Seosan have followed suit, leaving cheapskates like me to sweat it out while waiting for global poultry markets to stabilize. Despite the price hike, I still eat my fair share of these bad boys. The skewers are called “tac-oh-chee,” a name I have no trouble remembering because it sounds like another one of my favorite junk foods, taco cheese. I like to take these little slices of heaven and put them over a bowl of rice. Very convenient and very filling. Though the extra twenty cents is kind of a drag, I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it now. And really, things could be a whole lot worse. I could have to pay for gas.


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