Buddah’s Birthday

Happy Birthday: A giant Buddah statue carved into a rock wall at Sudoksa Monastery

Two three-day weekends in two weeks? Yes, please. Last week we celebrated Children’s Day, this week we celebrated Buddah’s birthday. Taking full advantage of the extra day off my friends and I visited some local beaches and Sudoksa, a beautiful Buddhist monastery near Seosan. Locals – even a few monks – were out in full force, shopping, dancing, and of course, eating. Vendors selling ice cream, roasted chestnuts, roasted corn, waffle cakes, sweet tarts, and chicken were kept busy by the mass of people visiting Sudoksa to pay homage to Buddah the birthday boy. Needless to say, a celebration of this sort is hard to come by back in Seattle, so I was very lucky we braved the traffic and windy weather to take part.

Lotus lanterns

Way cooler than Christmas lights: A man hangs lotus prayer lanterns at Sudoksa.

Read on for a gallery of photos from a most excellent weekend.


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