Beatle Mania

I don’t know why, but ever since buying my guitar I’ve been obsessed with learning Beatles songs. I guess if I’m going to play songs by a particular band, they might as well be by the most influential band on the face of the planet (Dylan will come next). I’ve already got “Yesterday” pretty much down, and I think my next challenge will be either “Across the Universe,” or “Blackbird.” But no matter how hard I practice, I’m fairly certain I will never sound as good as this guy. His name is Eduardo Diaz, and that’s about all I know. I stumbled across his music while looking for guitar lessons on YouTube, and he basically dominates everyone else out there (side note to all aspiring guitarists: don’t pay for lessons, virtually any song you can imagine has a free lesson on YouTube). Diaz’s classical guitar renditions amplify the gorgeous melodies and beautiful song structures contained within the music of Beatles. Don’t let his laid-back and casual playing style fool you – his face might look like he’s on painkillers, but his fingers look like they’re on speed. Playing both the bass notes and the accompanying melodies with ease, Diaz’s fingers deftly maneuver around the fretboard the same way a skilled pianist’s hands can navigate a keyboard. If you like The Beatles, or even if you don’t, I’m betting dollars to donuts you’ll be impressed by these interpretations.

“Here Comes The Sun”


*Extra* Here’s a link to Fiona Apple’s most excellent rendition of “Across the Universe,” which was featured on the Pleasantville Soundtrack .


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