Signs around Seosan

More perplexing signs from Seosan with my personal interpretations of what they might mean.

“Please do not kick back and relax against the wall.”

I first saw this logo above a hot tub in my sauna, so I assumed it meant, “Please don’t shit in the hot tub.” However, I’ve come to find out that it is actually an advertisement for a local proctologist. Regardless, shitting in the hot tub is never recommended.

This is actually the bathroom in my school. I was pretty baffled I first saw this arrangement – not just because it has men and women using the same facilities, but until I saw this I was always under the impression that women didn’t actually need to use the bathroom. The facade has come crashing down. Regardless, I always make sure to lock the outside door whenever I have to use the loo.

This one is from Seoul. Pretty sweet sign if I don say so myself. The cafe sold nothing but Pringles, Pop Tarts, grilled cheese sandwiches, microwaved dinners, toast, sugary cereal, and baked beans. Prices were reasonable but the food did taste a little funny.


One response to “Signs around Seosan

  1. the fare at Cafe Eli seems quite appropriate–all of your favorite foods!

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