This Post Is Garbage


Trash collection – on the whole – is not a difficult process. You use something, you throw it away. Repeat a million bajillion times for the rest of your life. The only reason I’m writing this is that in an effort to illustrate the differences between my life at home and my life abroad, I will spare no details, regardless of how subtle or inane they may be. Also, I couldn’t think of anything better to write about today. Back to talking about garbage. Korea has a slightly different system than back home. First off, you’re only supposed to use special green garbage bags to throw away your trash in, but as you can see from the picture I snapped above, not everyone follows this rule. The bags cost about $5 for a roll of twenty or so. When it’s all filled up, walk it out to a large community dumpster, drop it in, and start the process again. Some places don’t have dumpsters, so people just plop their bags down in the middle of sidewalk, where it gets collected quite frequently. I’ve never seen any garbage trucks in my neighborhood, so I can only assume that little tiny elves swoop in under the cover of darkness and whisk the trash away to a magical landfill somewhere, or maybe they just dump it in North Korea. Since I hate refilling the little green bags and am terrified of using a contraband bag lest I be found out and deported, trash collection has become something of an art for me (also, I’m lazy – yeah – that’s probably it). I like to think of my garbage can as a clown car of sorts, a really smelly, gross clown car – maybe a 68′ Volkswagen Bus with water damage. If there is an extra cubic inch available somewhere in the depths of the bag, I will find it, and maybe throw an eggshell or something in there. Sure my apartment has acquired a not-so-faint musk these days, but whatever – no one is really coming to visit me these days. And if someone does happen to make it up the four flights of stairs to hang out, well then more power to ’em – maybe they can take the trash out for me on their way out.


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