Neatorama Shout-Out

Excitement! Yesterday after stumbling around on the internet looking for ESL teaching material, I landed on a rather interesting site called Visuwords. which is basically a thesaurus and dictionary that creates visual connections between the words. Anyway, I thought the site was a pretty cool way of interpreting language, so I decided to forward a tip to one of my favorite websites, This site is filled with off-beat news articles, interesting art pieces, and other random internet tidbits – the perfect way to kill a few minutes, or 6 or 7 hours. I almost completly forgot about my suggestion when today I was cruising the site and lo and behold, there’s my name on the front page. I know this is the epitome of dorkdom, but I must say I’m pretty pumped that they the good people at Neatorama took my suggestion to heart. So long story short, I am a huge nerd.



One response to “Neatorama Shout-Out

  1. Twice published! You are on your way!

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