Are You Ready To Rock…Paper, Scissors?

Rock. Paper. Scissors. On the outside, they are three seemingly unconnected words, but to my 1st grade students they might as well translate into, “Best. Game. EVAR!” I recently found a great way to incorporate the game into my class and it may rival Hangman for simplicity, excitement, and time wasting. It works like this: I pick six or seven words from a word family that we are studying (my Mom would be so proud!) to create a simple “game board”. This week it’s body parts, so I put two columns of body part words on a piece of paper and give the kids game piece (I use magnets) to have them keep track of their progress. The kids shout the three magic words, throw out their hands, and whoever wins must identify the correct word and say it before moving their piece forward. First one to the end of their column wins. It’s a great way to get the kids up and out of their seats while at the same time practicing vocabulary. They get so excited sometimes I can tell they don’t even realize they’re learning, which is a pretty cool feeling. At the end, the student who wins the most rounds gets to go against me. Not gonna lie, but I cheat a little bit and make it so I always win (will I go to hell for that?). Actually my winning seems to motivate them even more. They think I have some sort of supernatural predictive powers, so once they do finally beat me, I’m sure it will be a pretty big deal, perhaps the way it was a big deal when I beat the final boss on the Mortal Kombat II arcade game a few years back. Here are some pics of the kids getting down on some R.P.S.

Round 1. Yo-Han vs. Chae-Yeun. Yo-Han’s fearless style reflects his unrelenting energy, which inside sources say is provided by a healthy combination of Fruit Roll-Ups, chocolate milk, and assorted sweet breads and cookies. Meanwhile Chae-Yeun prefers a more methodical and reserved approach. Here we watch as she coolly delivers her trademarked “Scissor-Slash” maneuver. Yo-Han can only look on in dismay as his normally ferocious “Paper Tiger Pounce” fails to connect. Point Chae-Yeun.

The Aftermath. Yo-Han crumples in defeat. Either that, or he’s pooped himself.

While this might look like your typical RPS celebration, Min-Gu is actually just showing Jin-Su how well his new deoderant is working.

Winner’s Bracket. Calm and cool under pressure – perhaps it was the deoderant – Min-Gu raced out to an early lead and never looked back, becoming the first ever Rock Paper Scissors Champion of last week. His celebration was short lived however, as he was quickly distracted by a shiny thing on the other side of the room.


One response to “Are You Ready To Rock…Paper, Scissors?

  1. Eli….I tried this today and my youngest class loved it!! I modified it a little, and did it using the greeen board and with teams (just because I wasn’t prepared with magnets, etc). Keep the ideas coming. This WILL be a classic.

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