a Flip Mino…

Behold. The Flip Mino. It’s no bigger than an iPod, it barely has a zoom function, and it only has three buttons, but for some reason I desperately want one. The product will be made available starting June 5 and will retail for around $179, which in my humble opinion means it’s worth every penny. Simplicity and brevity are the name of the game for this little guy, and for the YouTube generation that’s pretty much all that matters. Really wanted to capture that crazy hippy dude dancing with scarves to an invisible band in the park but you just didn’t have a camera? What about that time how your friends were playing frisbee and one of them totally got smacked in the face by an errant disc? Well, now you can! There are no memory sticks or USB cables to deal with, and you can be up and shooting within 3 seconds of turning it on. Here’s gadget guru David Pouge of the New York Times with his review of the Flip Mino’s predecessor, the Flip Ultra. The two cameras are basically the same, but the newer model is much smaller and has a built-in rechargeable battery.

p.s. If the good people at Flip need a P.R. guy for their South Korean market, I’m available.


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