Whats Your Favorite Commandment?

Yesterday was Father’s Day, but I couldn’t post my intended message because I was in Seoul all weekend visiting my friend Mason from high school. Anyway, I’m back in front of the MacBook and ready to write a little sumthin’ in the hopes that he will overlook the fact that I didn’t send him anything for the occasion. Instead, I’ll keep it short. Here ya go Dad: eminently captivating footage of Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham – proof that a) they don’t make television like this anymore, and b) pretty much any thing can be found on the internet. It’s pretty fascinating to see just how fast Allen’s brain operates.

Graham: God is perfect.

Allen: That’s funny, because when I look in the mirror in the morning it’s hard for me to believe that.

Watch in enjoy, and as my Dad might say, don’t take any wooden nickels.

Part 1

Part 2


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