Birthday Wishes

“The 4th circle of Hell?”

Recently a friend asked me to help chaperone her daughter’s birthday party in the hopes that I could show her how to have a “real American birthday” – whatever that means. Seeing as I had nothing else to do, I figured “what the hell” and decided to go for it. Well, if the picture above is any indication, if someone asks you to help out with a child’s birthday party, you should probably think it out more thoughouly than I did before making a decision. No amount of pizza and party hats could erase the utter exhaustion of trying to make sure seven six year-olds hopped up on buckets of sugar don’t accidently injure themselves in a tiny apartment. As it turns out, Korean and American birthday’s are pretty similar. Cake, cards, and candles – even the birthday song has the same tune. In fact, the only real difference I saw was the impromptu origami folding session that broke out midway through. It lasted for about 4 minutes, at which point they got distracted, found my guitar and started strumming the guitar strings with crayons. Needless to say, after this experience my heart goes out to rent-a-clowns and balloon puppeteers everywhere.


One response to “Birthday Wishes

  1. Not to mention all the moms!

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