Reading Material

Libraries are so last century:

Your eyes are not decieving you. That’s a book vending machine that I came across in the Seosan bus terminal. Though most of the books were all Korean, there were a few titles by American authors. Can you guess who they were? If you said BIll Gates, Donald Trump, and Oprah Winfery you’d be correct. But it’s not all bad. Last week I spotted the girl who works at the nearby Family Mart reading one of my all time favorites, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Sure it was the Korean translation, but quite frankly, a novel like would probably sound pretty good in any language.


2 responses to “Reading Material

  1. i just saw some in busan last week and would have bought one if the subway train hadn’t come so quickly . . . now if it had been selling music, i would have waited for the next train . . .

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