Seosan Snapshot

Here’s a little video I’ve put together with bits and pieces collected from the classroom and Seosan, South Korea scenery. Often times it’s hard to fully describe what the actual teaching experience is like, so I hope this clip will illustrate it a little better. The music is “In The Aeroplane Over Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel, and it’s pretty much one of the most amazing songs ever. Also, I’m still new to this whole video sharing thing so the video isn’t at it’s best quality and it might take a little while to load. I’ll make it more efficient in future posts.


3 responses to “Seosan Snapshot

  1. It looks like the kids are having a great time–that is success!

  2. The editing makes good mix of the kids at work and play with the music in the background. Good job – like everywhere else the kids looked a bit modest when the camera first came on and then they looked like they couldn’t help themselves — jumping up and down and having lots of fun.

  3. eli, these kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher. wow.

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