“Hard Work Pays Off”

It’s a sad day in Seosan. In a mere six hours or so, my good friend Dan will be heading back home to Louisiana and out of the Seosan hogwan scene of which he was a two year veteran. Dan and his equally awesome roommate Dustin were the first two people I met here in Korea. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcoming committee. We met randomly on a street corner on my fourth day out here. They probably would have kept walking had I not practically attached myself to their sides. Thankfully, they took me under their wing and  showed me the ropes. They besides giving me the low-down on business of hogwans and the finer points of Korean culture, they also taught me how not to catch any diseases while I’m staying Itaewon. But now they are gone and once again I’m on my own. The difference is that this time around, I don’t have that scared animal look everywhere I go. In honor of a great four months, here’s a video of Dan and I and couple of friends hanging out on the Fourth of July. While others back in the States were eating hot dogs and drinking beers, Dan was gettin’ busy with the soju. Hard work pays off indeed.


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