Getting Dirty

Mud Slide: A kid takes the plunge at the Boryoung Mud Festival

Just got home from a great weekend at the Boryoung Mud Festival. Each year thousands of people, mostly foreign teachers, flood this small resort town to take in concerts, food, the beach, and of course, lots and lots of mud. For two weekends each July, the event, which takes place on Daecheon Beach, plays host to a plethora of mud games, mud pools, mud slides, (but oddly enough no mud slinging) and lots of boozed up post-grads happy to slop around in the mess. A group of seven Seosaners made the hour-long drive to join in and see for ourselves what it was all about. Here are some pics.

The beach was little a overcast to start out the day, but the clouds burned off a little later to ensure that we all left with the obligitory tourist sunburn.

A typical Mud Fest reveler. The mud supposedly has some nutrients or some crap in it that makes it really good for your skin. As far as I’m concerned, it’s mud.

Mud jousting was popular attraction for younger attendees. Unfortunately the event was often accompanied by with plenty of mud tears.

This guy’s smile says it all. The dog days of summer are what it’s all about.


One response to “Getting Dirty

  1. What a crazy festival….
    experiencing one of the best mud activities !!!!

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