High and Dry

Out to dry: Locals really know how to capture the authentic spring meadow laundry scent.

File this under things I miss from home: the dryer. Though my place comes equipped with a washer, its best buddy Mr. Dryer is nowhere to be found. That’s like peanut butter without the jelly, or a hot dog without the bun, or an episode of American Idol without the blatant product placement. A dryer is the epitome of a you-don’t-know-what-you-got-till-it’s-gone item. You really don’t realize how many socks you have until you have to spend fifteen minutes laying each one out on the drying rack. Sometimes I question whether I want to wash something based on the fact that I will eventually have to spend time pinning it up later. Also, if you hang your clothes and you accidentally forget to collect them promptly a few hours later, you can be sure that they will have become unmoving and stiff, a little like Paula Abdul’s face. Basically you end up wearing clothes that are one step removed from colored cardboard. And oi vey, don’t get me starting on the chafing. Fabric softener is futile and the fresh-out-of-the-dryer smell non-existent, but looking on the bright side, at least you don’t have to clean out the lint trap anymore.

Related Listening: “Hang Me Up To Dry” – Cold War Kids


2 responses to “High and Dry

  1. File this rant under when your roosters come home to roost make sure you take your clothes off the line. Keep your head up and your noise dry and you will be fine with or without a dryer.

  2. Oh, I adore the dryer. It’s probably not environmentally friendly but I love to throw on clean clothes that are warm, comfy and SOFT. My honey on the other hands loves his jeans to be hung dry. Not for the shrinkage factor but for the cardboard like feel. He lives for crisp clean jeans….Oi vey is right. Not for this girl. Dryers rule.

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