Vietnam Bound

Vietnam Here We Come: Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is most definitely on the itinerary.

To all the dedicated readers out there (read: Mom) I’ll be taking some time off from the ol’ blog to spend my all too brief summer vacation in Vietnam. Why Vietnam? Why the hell not. My friend Derek and I will arrive in Hanoi and be traveling southward via train until we reach Ho Chi Minh City. We hope to visit many cities and sites along the way, especially Ha Long Bay and Nha Trang. From what I’ve heard it’s an incredible place to visit and it is rapidly becoming a must-see tourist destination. Plus there’s Pho – need I say more? I’m sure there will be some amazing stories, and I’ll be sure to share them all as soon as I get back (not that you’ll be waiting or anything, but still). For now, enjoy this list of other post-conflict travel destinations courtesy of Pro Traveler.

Related Listening:

“Holiday” – Weezer

“Fortunate Son” – CCR


3 responses to “Vietnam Bound

  1. Well, I read your blog too (and I don’t know your mother so it isn’t even a favour:)

    Enjoy your vacation. Travel safely and remember to not take drinks from strangers.


  2. Oh! I wanted to say that I’m liking the songs on your blog! Good move. The world needs more music …

  3. I’m SO SO jealous. I wanna go terribly! Have a fun holiday, mister.

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