Second Stop: Ha Long Bay

Sunset at Ha Long Bay

There’s an easy way to tell you’re in the presence of sublime beauty: take a picture. If you’re a hack photographer like me with a cheap point-and-shoot camera and your photos still come out looking as good as the one above, you can be sure you’re in a special place. This method works every time, and it works especially well in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. Resting on the northeastern coast, this UNESCO World Heritage Site truly is a place that must be seen to be believed. Click for more…

Here I am at the start of the journey. After surviving a harrowing three-hour bus trip on Vietnam roadways, I made it to the junk, which is the large wooden boat in the background. As far as boats go, it was an incredibly nice junk, which if you’re keeping tabs, is an awesome oxymoron.

We spent most of the first day hanging out on the sundeck taking in the spectacular views. The bay is filled with thousands of limestone outcroppings which are covered with untouched foliage. Heh, foliage. I really need to start using that word more often.

That’s my traveling partner Derek. As soon as our boat docked he was the first take the 20 foot plunge off the roof of the junk.

See what I mean?! I’m pretty sure I took this picture with my eyes closed and it’s still spectacular. I snapped this after a brief hike through a massive cave located in one of the limestone rocks.

Go ahead. Give it a try. Works every time.

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2 responses to “Second Stop: Ha Long Bay

  1. Very Interesting Boats Cruise
    Thank you very much for all Halong Bay

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