Good From Far but Far From Good

“Life here is better down where it’s wetter.” – Sebastian

Taking advantage of a long weekend (thank you Korean Independence Day), my friends and I took a bullet train from Seoul to Busan, a city of four million located on the country’s southern coast. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating, so we took refuge at the Busan Aquarium. Seeing as I haven’t been to an aquarium since I was maybe seven or eight years old, this proved to be quite an event. There were Jackass Penguins, Pig-Nosed Turtles, and probably a whole slew of other fish with esteem-destroying names. But out of all the fish in the massive tanks, my favorite had to be the illusive Stingray. So smooth, so graceful, so stingy. After about 30 minutes of tracking it’s every move, I finally got his picture…

Boo-Yes! I should probably have a job at National Geographic or something with these photo skills of mine. From a distance this guy looks like he’s a just a chilled-out, happy-go-lucky kinda dude – the kind of fish you might veg out and watch a movie marathon with. How could this be the same lethal animal that KILLED STEVE IRWIN. I didn’t know what to think. I was confused. That’s when I decided to zoom in…

Sweet mother of Moses! Run for the hills! It’s the spawn of Satan himself. This doesn’t look like a fish, it looks like some sort of demon ghost with a heroin addiction searching for his next fix. I now know why I haven’t been to an aquarium in a while, and with freaky-looking fish like Mr. Stingray here haunting my dreams, I probably won’t be going back any time soon.

Related Listening:

“Sink To The Bottom” – Fountains of Wayne

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2 responses to “Good From Far but Far From Good

  1. Paul Simon thought it was all happening at the zoo. Your essay makes clear what we some failed to realize – It’s all happening at the
    Aquarium!! For those of us who believe that swimming is nothing more than staying alive in the water, these photos gives us one more reason to stay dry.

  2. Oh, how I love that song. the seattle aquarium is so much lamer than the one you went to! the only good exhibit here is the otters, which are adorable, but just not enough. 😦

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