Double Trouble

Embroidered Courtesy

“Look at this? Somebody double parked and blocked us in. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHOSE CAR THAT IS? Maybe there’s a note on it. No, no note. Can you believe this?” – George Costanza, Seinfeld

You think parking back home is a pain in the ass? Try Korea. In a country the size of Indiana with over 40 million inhabitants, parking becomes downright cutthroat. No sidewalk or curb is off limits when it comes to drivers looking to stash their Kias, Daewoos, or Hyundais. Though the parking will continue to be atrocious, Koreans at the very least seem to have come to terms with it as a part of their daily lives. In fact, double parking is so common in Korea that nearly every vehicle has its owner’s telephone number posted in the front window in case someone desperately needs to get out. Sure parking may be inconvenient, but at least people are polite. George Costanza would be proud. A few more…

Related Listening: “Double Trouble” – The Roots


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