Politically Incorrect

If this picture is any indication, the Hanoi International Airport has one of the worst airport bookstores ever. There were probably only about 15 books scattered on the shelves, and from what I could tell, most of them seemed to have been recovered from passengers who had abandoned them in the terminal. But amidst all the randoms, there was one title that had several copies, that of course being “Red Rock Redhead” by the one and only Dirk Fletcher. Now I know they say never judge a book by its cover, but look at thing. It’s a masterpiece. Guns, redheads, mustaches – it’s got it all. Entranced, I read on, and like Shakespeare and Hemingway before him, Old Man Dirk really has a way with the words. Political correctness, on the other hand – if his first page is any indication – well he could give a rat’s ass about your goddamn political correctness.

I shit you not that’s the very first page of this book (with my friend Derek doing his best not to explode with laughter). I must admit that as far as attention-grabbing devices go, it’s a pretty good one, if not for all the wrong reasons. So way to go Vietnam. Out of the millions of authors you could have chosen to represent American literature, you chose Dirk Fletcher, a man who probably published those books in his own garage. Sigh. Somewhere a librarian is quitting her job.

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One response to “Politically Incorrect

  1. I read this book. It gets better as you go. I am shocked you tore a page out of it. This book is a classic – It should be required readings for anyone who wants to learn why America is so loved in the world. Unlike so many other works, this book truly can be judged by its cover. Guns, sex, and hate — what more can one person (or county) love?

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