Time (Wasting) Machine


If you’re like me and love avoiding real responsibilities like work, paying bills, cleaning, or bathing, then you will love this devilishly addictive time-waster courtesy of www.yearbookyourself.com. This little do-dad can take a simple headshot and instantly transform it into a yearbook photo from days gone by. From the big thick-rimmed glasses of the 50s to the feathered mullets of the 80s and beyond, this site has everything you need to piddle away countless hours of office time. All you need is photograph of yourself (or a friend) looking straight into the camera and the site will do the rest. Just upload it into the app, get the sizing right, and boom: commence procrastination. I think it was originally designed as some sort viral advertising for a string of malls, but who cares, it’s awesome. Click to see my trip down memory lane.








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2 responses to “Time (Wasting) Machine

  1. Who’s the hottie from the 70’s?….Oooo, you’re rocking that mullet. I just have to go try this later today.

  2. I did a double take when I started reading your entry–I really did not know that it was you! I laughed till I cried! The sad part, is that I can remember all of those looks.

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