I opened my inbox this morning and and what did I find but this little guy staring back at me through the monitor. Not a bad start to the day until I realized that my parents have replaced me with a puppy. They said it was too quite in the house, so in my absence they have invited this Boston Terrier to take my spot as resident destroyer of household items and eater of food that has fallen on the floor (five seconds is totally legit). At first I was a bit mad, but come on, look at that face, and those paws. I haven’t been that cute since, well, never. If you break it down it’s probably an upgrade for them, but in my defense I’ve never pooped in the yard (never have never will, just a policy I have). Anyway, he doesn’t have a name yet. Might I suggest: Sir Snugglesworth of Wallingford. No? No I can’t? Ok point taken. If you have suggestions let me know and I’ll pass them on to my parents – that is if they even remember my name anymore.

Related Listening:

“Substitute” – The Who

“Wild Pack of Family Dogs” – Modest Mouse


3 responses to “Replaced

  1. Not to fear–you are irreplaceable! We’re just suckers for a cute face. Since yours is absent, his will have to do.

    Mom and Dad

  2. I heartily approve of this pup, although I doubt he could ever take your place at the Woolly–you kinda need opposable thumbs for Dansko-sellin’. :p

    Anyway, to reiterate…..cutecutecutecutecute, I want a new puppy too 🙂

  3. is the dog on top of a blanket…on top of the counter? awesome!

    this is late in coming, so i’m sure the little guy (girl?) is already named, but i can’t help but think “cookies and cream” when i see the black and white combo 🙂

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