Bear Down

Law & Order: Oversized Teddy Bear Unit

So this is what happens when an oversized Build-a-Bear stops being snuggly – things get ugly. I found this guy discarded on the side of the street, tossed there like a spent cigarette. Cruel world this is. All you do is love and look cute and adorable and in the end you get stripped down, thrown out in the rain and left for dead underneath a light post. Least he went out with a smile on his face. Wonder what he did wrong. Maybe his owner grew up, found a new squeeze. Maybe the love was gone. Maybe he took up too much room in the bed. Who knows really? Garbage man came later in the day and sent him down to the junk heap. Saddest sight you could ever see. A teddy bear dead in the street – fur matted down and moldy, eyes glassed over – lying there with love left to give but no one there to take it.

Related Listening:

“Punk Rocker feat. Iggy Pop” – The Teddybears

“Murder in the Red Barn” – Tom Waits (also probably one of the scariest songs ever!)


3 responses to “Bear Down

  1. i think that’s a dog

  2. even worse!

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