Far From Home #6

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey on a Sea-Doo.


6 responses to “Far From Home #6

  1. Palin Who, Palin Boo, Palin Nuts To You

  2. What does that even mean?

  3. Simple – she shoots moose- has the State pay her for her lodging expenses when she spends an overnight in her own home – is a life long member of the NRA – thinks polar bears should be shot- and is downright the biggest lying sack of shit we ever had run for vice president since Spiro Agnew – Scary stuff meant to rev up the right wing nuts in the Republican Party –

  4. she also thinks it’s cool to shoot wolves from airplanes! as an avid dog lover, i sincerely oppose her. can you vote in american elections from Korea?

  5. No no, I get that Palin and McCain are total nutjobs, but what did your original comment have to do with the cartoon? Did it have anything to do with the cartoon? or anything even related to monkeys and/or sea-doos?

  6. Frankly the Palin riff was just a take off on your “See, Do, Sea-Doo” bebop rhyme — but now that I think about it, the monkey in your cartoon sure looks like Palin.

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