America, Please Don’t Screw This Up

Making things difficult one election at a time

If the world could vote this is what it would look like.

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6 responses to “America, Please Don’t Screw This Up

  1. Go Obama! Be sure you vote absentee. 🙂

  2. Unbelievable that once again Americans are more likely to blow it than not. Here we are with the biggest housing crisis since the depression, the jobless rate skyrocketing, energy security a joke, a military stretched thin, wall street and main street crushed with bad debt staring at recession in the rear view mirror and Republicans – our fearless leaders- with their fingers crossed behind their back – stand up and tell us they are the Agents of Change.” The only change they’ll make is the dishware, the curtains, and Palin baby’s diapers. God help us – I sure hope the Canadian’s feel bad enough to let the rest off us cross the border to live with them.

  3. Seconded. I seriously might have to consider staying a few extra years if America gives this one to McCain and so-stupid-it-just-work-Palin.

  4. It’s weird how the world can see what so many Americans can’t….or won’t. Oh wait, the world is in America. My bad.

  5. Don’t worry World, I’m sure Obama will win! If you are political, wanted to vote and live overseas (and of course are American) here’s the link to sign up for an absentee ballot. 🙂

  6. Let the world have Obama. I’ll cling to the gun toting Right winger and her moderate boss any day. Even Biden admits Hillary was a better choice…

    Palin/Jindel ’12

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