Worst National Anthems

Singing the America’s national anthem is no easy task, just ask “international pop sensation” Kat Deluna, whose bomb on Monday Night Football probably wouldn’t have gotten her past the first round of American Idol. But was it the worst? I did a little digging and here now are 5 other interpretations of America’s national anthem that would have Francis Scott Key rolling in his grave.

Offending Party: Father of Cuba Gooding Jr. former lead singer of The Main Ingredient, Cuba Gooding Sr.

What Went Wrong: I would have expected a lot more from a man who had a thirty-year long career in the music business (did you know he was the guy who sang “Everybody Plays the Fool? Neither did I). From his warbling pitch to his sticatto delivery, the elder Gooding just can’t get it going. I especially love is self-satisfied smile at the end, as if everyone within earshot didn’t just jump off a building somewhere.

Offending Party: 9-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis.

Where: East Rutherford, New Jersey

When: January 21st, 1993.

What Went Wrong:  From the moment he opens his mouth this thing is a disaster. The long opening note is warning to audience members that the next few minutes will be like watching a train wreck: to horrible to comprehend, but to incredible to turn away from. Just because you heard the national anthem a bunch of times on a medal podium by no means qualifies you to sing it front of people with ears.

Offending Party: Michael Bolton

Where: Fenway Stadium, Boston

When: May 13th, 2007

What Went Wrong: All things considered Michael Bolton does a pretty good job here, that is until halfway through when he forgets the lyrics and has to read them off his hands while a bunch of soldiers look on. This isn’t high school math class Bolton, this is the big leagues – get it together. He really sells out at the end, but the damage had been done. Next time you forget something, why not let it be making your next album.

Offending Party: Not-funny-person Roseanne Barr

Where: Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego

When: July 26th, 1990

What Went Wrong: Sure this sounds bad, but what did people expect? After all, her obnoxious voice was one of the main reasons she was famous in the first place. You wouldn’t ask Bill Gates for style advice, and you wouldn’t ask Michael Vick to dog sit you pooches, so why would you ask Roseanne to sing the national anthem for your crappy baseball team? At least she totally embraces her terrible singing. If you’re going to screw something up, you might as well own it.

Offending Party: ???

What Went Wrong: I really feel bad for this poor girl. Sure she flubs the words midway through – big whoop – it’s totally natural for someone to get a little lost when performing in front of a big audience. But just when she digs deep and musters up the confidence to get back out there and face down her fears…well, let’s just say that somebody should have told her that the ice would be slippery. Some may say the pressure got to her, I happen to think that the Canadian Hockey team standing behind her had something to do with it.


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