A Day At The Races

Recently went to the race track in Seoul to place bets on which small man riding a pony could run around a large dirt track the fastest. Normally I would just bet on the horse with the coolest name, but seeing as all the names were in Korean my plan was totally shot. Oh well. Thankfully I didn’t lost much money because it took my friends and I the better part of the day to figure out how to use the automated betting machine. Now that I think about it, that could be the one time technology actually saved me money.

Since sports betting is one of the only forms of legal gambling in Korea, people take it pretty seriously. Nearly everyone poured over their statistics sheets hoping to gleen a little advantage from the numbers. As for me, I just bet with my gut, and after a day without I any wins, I can now safely say that my gut is a horrible better.

Related Listening: “Chips Ahoy!” – The Hold Steady


5 responses to “A Day At The Races

  1. if you pay me $5 i will be your blog editor for punctuation and verb tense agreement, as well as the omission of superfluous words! 🙂 i could put it on my resume someday and maybe not be a hobo when i grow up…. that sounds like fun though, as do all your adventures!

  2. Pay the lady (Felicia) – It will be money well spent.

  3. jeez, guys. give him a break. . . it’s not the New York Times; it’s a blog.

  4. Haha, it’s cool, they’re with me. I am well aware that I have many mistakes peppered throughout my blog (I just wrote that so I could use the word peppered) but it might help you to know that I often write most of these posts at around 2 in the morning while watching movies or drinking a beer or 5. As a journalism major I probably should be a little better at editing my own work, but then again I didn’t really pay attention in class so that’s a wash. So yes, Robosayo is right, the NYTs this in not, because at the very least the people who work at that fine rag are required to wear pants while they write. However, if you see a mistake, feel free to let me know and I will correct it…maybe.

  5. i was just playin’! i was really only anglin’ for a paid editing job, your humor is in no way compromised by such minor and insignificant mistakes. i like the newest far from home, you’re probably the next great Gary Larson

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