Madusa Marketing

For reasons unknown, these small-headed mannequins are ubiquitous throughout Korea. I see this particular trio of plastic salesmen every day as I walk to work. I’m not sure if the store where they reside is trying to promote clothes or induce nightmares, but either way it’s hard not to look at them – call it the “Medusa Effect.” If haunting people’s dreams counts as a marketing strategy then Korean retailers are doing one hell of a job.

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One response to “Madusa Marketing

  1. Only after being told by Koreans did I realize that Koreans do indeed have large heads. Once you realize it you start to notice what a difference it makes for a Korean to have a head with the same proportions as your average European.

    Considering that, mannequins tent to exaggerate features that people would like to have. It it not always the same thing, but just maybe this feeling of Koreans that a big head is bad spilled over in the the making of those mannequins .

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