North Korean Video Arcade

Ok, so I know I posted about a gallery of photos from North Korea just the other day, but I was cruising the interwebs today and lo-and-behold, I done found me another one. This one features snap shots from a video arcade in Pyongyang. I didn’t think it was possible, but this place makes Pong look downright futurisitc. From the site, UK Resistance:

A man took these photos inside an amusement arcade in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea. They will make you very, very grateful that your local still has a functioning SEGA Rally and that you are not from or stuck in North Korea.

[Fixed the Link] Check out the full gallery here


3 responses to “North Korean Video Arcade

  1. Those poor, poor children.

    It would be my professional opinion that the graphics on that game seem far superior to Pong, but the machine itself is kind of crappy. And I guess Pong at least has controllers. Graphics-wise, though….I dispute your off-handed claim about futuristicity (and i don’t think your link works sorryyy)

  2. Yeah, the games really suck out there, along with everything else.

  3. maybe if they at least let them play some harvest moon, they could avert the food crisis and such. Just a thought.

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