Sarah Palin: The New Miss Teen South Carolina?

This is Sarah Palin’s most recent interview with CBS’s Katie Couric, and my oh my is it painful to watch. And not just the oh-that-stings-a-bit painful, it’s more of the squirm-in-your-seat-please-make-it-stop painful. With the way she struggles for answers, she could soon take the crown from Miss Teen South Carolina as the World’s Worst Interviewee.


4 responses to “Sarah Palin: The New Miss Teen South Carolina?

  1. First question that Ms So. Carolina should have been asked is whether she can point out the USA on a map. Assuming she answered truthfully and said No than she should have been asked how do you think students like you can be taught how to recognize the US on a map. Her answer would have been very helpful, get someone from Iraq or south africa to come over here and point it out to me. I doubt she won Miss America – and I wonder how she won Miss South Carolina becasue I bet dollars to donuts she has no idea where South Carolina is on the map.

  2. I should start using “dollars to donuts” more. I don’t really get it, BUT I feel its very underutilized, yet fun to say

  3. Yes, Palin has imploded. You nailed it.
    The only difference is that you expect a blond beauty pageant bombshell to lose it like that, and you are impressed if they don’t.

    I guess we have awfully high standards when we expect a state governor to be able to speak in complete sentences.

  4. Wow. . .that sure was nonsensical. I especially liked the part where she completely avoid Couric’s question about the pros and cons of a moratorium on foreclosures. Politicians try so hard not to alienate anyone that they can’t even answer a simple question about their platform.

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