Sarah Silverman’s High Holiday Message

“His brisket is beyond.”

Once again it’s that rare time of year when two of the universe’s most powerful forces collide: Religion and Politics. That’s right, I’m talking about election season and the Jewish High Holidays. The polls, the prayers, the spin, the schmears; it’s all enough to get your tallit in a twist. That being said, perhaps it’s no coincidence that comedienne Sarah Silverman, herself a Jew, recently launched a new voting campaign aimed at Jewish voters – elderly ones to be specific. It’s called “The Great Schlep,” and the premise is simple: Jewish kids need to get their asses down to the swing state of Florida and tell their grandparents to vote for Obama. Whether you can make it down to Florida or not, do yourself a favor and watch this clip. And then go visit your grandparents. Lord knows they miss you.

[Just a warning for those unfamiliar with Silverman’s brand of comedy, it’s a little on the blue side. Be forewarned: there are some jokes that you may not want your Boubie to hear]

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One response to “Sarah Silverman’s High Holiday Message

  1. Regardless where your grandparents live, call, visit, beg or borrow, get them to vote for the best man for tomorrow.

    Palin McCain ain’t they insane – Hey old mama vote Biden Obama!

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